CUPW Rotating Strikes

The UPCE National Executive is appalled to learn that Canada Post management has decided to discontinue sick leave provisions for CUPW represented employees, especially during rotating strikes while a majority of the impacted employees remain actively at work. 

Recognizing the contract dispute, the UPCE vehemently opposes any company’s attempt to win a labour dispute by preying on the most vulnerable. The fact that Canada Post would not only deny its employees from accessing disability benefits, but kick them off the system while they are ill, injured, or disabled is callous.

Canada Post argues that it has a legal right to turn back to the minimum legislative requirements. We believe this to be a question or morality, not legality. In addition, this only further emphasizes the need for enhancements to the minimum labour standards in all Canadian jurisdictions.

Thank you to all our PSAC-UPCE members for their hard work during this difficult period! 

A picket line protocol was reached between PSAC-UPCE and CUPW. The protocol was distributed by the PSAC and the UPCE and is available here. 

We stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers at CUPW.


UPCE National Executive