Pay Equity – Union Leave without Pay

The PSAC-UPCE’s primary focus was to ensure that Canada Post continued to make its pay equity adjustments for discriminatory wages paid from August 24, 1982 to June 2, 2002. The Pay Equity Project on the Canada Post side is now winding down and we started an internal project to review our members’ eligibility to a pay equity adjustment from the Union.

Just as it is the responsibility of Canada Post to pay the amount of the wage gap while a member was working for them, it is the Union’s responsibility to pay the amount of the wage gap for times a member was working for or attending Union functions. For example, it could be leave without pay for meetings or conventions during which a member received a cheque for salary reimbursement directly from the Union.   

Union Billed leave for which there was a continuation of pay with Canada Post has already been included in the pay equity amount processed by Canada Post.

The internal PSAC-UPCE Pay Equity Project started in January 2015 and we are still in the process of contacting our Locals and our activists for additional information. The PSAC and UPCE signed an agreement and all payments will be made by the PSAC, with a portion expensed to the UPCE. We will continue to make payments while we continue to receive information from all the stakeholders.

If you have any questions regarding our internal PSAC-UPCE Pay Equity project, you may contact:

Chantal Campeau, UPCE Accounting administrator by email at or by phone at (613) 560-4268. 

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