Prorated dues for Part-Timers and Volume Counters

Prorated Dues for Part-Time Members and for Volume Counter Members

UPCE-PSAC are pleased to announce, that the membership dues for members in both part-time and volume counter positions, will be automatically adjusted starting February 1, 2016. Thank you all once again for your ongoing patience during the lengthy resolution of this matter.

Volume Counters are asked to continue to follow the existing process for calculations prior to February 1, 2016, by submitting the following information to Lyne Cabana, by email at

  • Full Name and Canada Post Employee Number
  • Actual dates worked during a volume count
  • A copy of your stub showing the union dues deducted

Part-time members are entitled to a retroactive adjustment dating back to April 2012. More information and a plan will soon follow regarding the next phase of the project.