PSAC-UPCE Pension Advisory Council Alternate

Seeking: PSAC-UPCE Pension Advisory Council Alternate (s)

The PSAC-UPCE is seeking candidates for alternate appointment (s) to the Canada Post Pension Advisory Council.  

The Pension Advisory Council was established when the Canada Post Corporation Registered Pension Plan was formed in 2000 and is part of the current governance structure. The mandate can be found here: 

The Pension Advisory Council consists of 18 members; 5 members represent Canada Post, 5 members are elected, 8 members represent the unions and associations. For PSAC-UPCE members, one representative is appointed by the PSAC-UPCE and another jointly appointed by the PSAC-UPCE, APOC, and CPAA. 

The alternate can be required to attend a meeting on behalf of a PSAC-UPCE council member if she or he is unable to attend, or fill a vacancy. 

This is an expression of interest only. We are seeking PSAC-UPCE members with pension or finance experience who have been involved with the Union and who are interested in an appointment to the PAC as an alternate. 

If you are interested, please contact Lyne Cabana no later than October 31, 2018; 

Lyne Cabana 
UPCE Administrative Assistant / Adjointe administrative, SEPC Tel: (613) 560-5500 Fax: (613) 594-3849 
Toll Free/Sans frais: (877) 841-9998