Social Justice Fund (SJF)

Social Justice Fund (SJF) - Jacqueline Gujarati presents to the PSAC NBoD

The UPCE is proud to highlight, that Jacqueline Gujarati, one of our UPCE colleagues (Toronto Local 00108), presented her report on her work with the Stephen Lewis Foundation in Swaziland and South Africa through the PSAC SJF, to the PSAC NBoD at the June 2017 Meeting. A copy of Jackie’s report can be found here: Social Justice Fund Writeup 

Of note, Canada Post, through our collective agreement negotiated by the PSAC, contributes to the fund. The amount allocated from the Appendix T - International Postal Communications Fund is used as follows:

In Canada, The Fund supports four literacy programs under our anti-poverty initiatives.  These include The Nunavut Literacy Council; Skills for Change with the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montréal; New Directions Speaker's School in Thunder Bay; and the Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop in Saskatoon.

Internationally, the Fund supports two programs.  These include the Legal Clinic to Combat Gender-based violence in the DR Congo (specifically earmarking funds towards training and formation sessions on the protection and defense of the rights of women and the rights of the child); and an intercultural literacy program among Indigenous and Afro-descent communities in Colombia.

More information on the PSAC Social Justice Fund can be found here: