Do you work in a Contact Centre?

In 2006 the PSAC, in collaboration with York University, sent 2250 survey questionnaires to PSAC members who worked in contact centre environments to find out more about their working conditions. At that time members told us that they were proud to be assisting the public and other clients but that their work environment often made their jobs a lot harder. Inadequate career opportunities, excessive workload, frequency of calls, call monitoring and health and safety issues all helped to create a stressful work environment, and undermined their ability to provide quality public services.

We believe that while some conditions may have improved, others may have become worse. Eight years ago, the average age of members who answered our questionnaire was 43, so while some members may still be working in the same workplaces, many others may have moved on. We want to know more about your current working conditions so that we can see what changes, if any, have taken place over the last eight years!

The survey won’t take much of your time to complete and your answers will help us better understand your conditions and concerns. All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and the information collected and released will not identify any individual

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