Honorary and Life Memberships

Honorary membership (former members) 

Locals can apply to the National President to grant honorary membership to former members for outstanding service. The National Executive considers approval for these applications. Honorary members are also eligible for honorary membership in the PSAC under Section 4, Subsection 5 of the PSAC Constitution. 


Roy West (June 1986)

Sophie Edington (May 1990)

Pierre Gleeson (November 1991) 

Debie Hartnett (June 1993)

Bob Holloran (June 1993)

Dick Boon (June 1993)

Gisèle Morneau (May 1996)

Blanche Wanner (May 1998)

Michel Jacob (October 2002)

Stella Augerman (April 2003)

Sharon MacDonald (October 2005)

Louise Bédard (March 2006)

Nycole Turmel (April 2006)

Betty Campbell (April 2010)

Rene Fredeen (October 2010)

Patsy Dallon (October 2010)

Kathy Peach (October 2010)

Deb Seaboyer (October 2010)

Cathy Ollerhead (October 2010)

Micheal Moeller (September 2015)

Robyn Benson (April 2017)


Life membership (UPCE)

Any member who has devoted extraordinary time and energy to the affairs of the UPCE, and who has given of her or himself personally to affairs of this Union, may be awarded a life membership. Decisions for such memberships are made by the National Executive, the UPCE National Convention, or by a local nomination approved by the National Executive. The number of life memberships at one time is limited to 20. The list of life members will be read into the record of each National Convention at a time to be decided by the national president.


Gaston St-Amour (February 1987)

Regina Brennan (May 1991)

Stephen B. White (February 1996)

Jim Murray (October 2002)

Catherine Fraser (October 2010)

Luc Guevremont (April 2010)

Christine Dutka (April 2010)