A letter to Minister Morneau from the PSAC regarding Bill C-27. The PSAC request that the government do not proceed with Bill C-27, as it is an attack on the retirement security of workers and retirees in the federal and private sector and Crown corporations.

Announcing that the part-timer's dues will officially be pro-rated on future pay.

Discussion following the Canada Post Pension plan 2015 year-end results. Some of the points are the fact that Canada Post has not set any reserves to meet the funding obligations once the funding reliefs expires and the Senior executives seem focused on shrinking the business versus looking at new ideas for expansion. 

The UPCE has created its own scholarship program for UPCE members and their children. The $2,000 scholarship program applications will be accepted until June 30, 2016 for this year.

Prorated dues for Part-time members and Volume Counters will be prorated automatically on the pay.

Joint letter to Minister Foote from PSAC, CUPW, CPAA and APOC, providing union position on the future of the Canada Post pension plan, suggesting a permanent exemption from solvency funding and to protect the Defined Benefit Design of the plan.

The UPCE National Executive announces the creation of a new Scholarship Program. The program will be co-sponsored by AGR insurance Brokers, where UPCE will match the sponsorship to create an annual bursary of $2,000.

National Childcare Projects update: Special Needs Project to help family dealing with special disability. The Moving –On project helping family with older children with disabilities as well as information on political support for child care.

NCR Chilcare Projects :

Tupper Tots daycare lost their rent subsidy and had to close. Details on the short term urgent child care services. 


Future of the Component Committee update

The committee has a mandate to bring proposals and recommendations to the National Executive identifying what are the best options to in a matter of organization and cost efficiency.