Position of the PSAC on Target Benefit Plan:

Extensive paper on Target Benefit Pension Plans, its risks, who is responsible and the impacts on future retirement benefits as well as the administrative costs of target benefit plans.


Department of Finance Consultation on a Potential Federal Framework for Target-Benefit Pension Plans – Submission by the Canada Labour Congress

The paper discusses the possible conversion of pension plans to Target-Benefit plans.


Letter from the UPCE National Executive discussing the Target Benefit Pension Plan, as well as the recent attacks from the Conservative Government on the everyday Canadians. The recent cuts to, social programs, child care programs, EI services, services to veterans as well as reduced mail services.  The Union continues to oppose any concessions.

Letter to Minister Sorenson from Mike Moeller (Canada Post Employee) discussing the announced Target Benefit Plans by the Conservative Government  for the existing Crown  and Federal Private Employer Defined Benefit Pension plans. 

Newsletter from the National  President confirming the vote results to accept Canada Post’s final offer.  The letter also addresses the impact of the implementation of a Defined Contribution plan for any new members and the future of the plan.


Communication to Volume Counters regarding their dues adjustments as well as the refund procedures in case of over deduction.

FAQ regarding surplus members and the possibility of being assigned to a position outside the bargaining unit.