Message from the National Executive on the handling of the Pension Plan by Canada Post and their intention to reduce benefits costs, the message also discuss the formation of a new consultation group to deal with the lack of transparency by Canada Post.

Letter confirming that PSAC-UPCE will compensate the activists that were affected by the Pay Equity decision, while on leave without pay to tend to Union business.

Canada Post Annual Public Meeting and Communication - Letter from the National Executive to Deepak Chopra: 

The letter discusses some of the decisions and positions taken by the corporation in their actions and communications. The Union reiterates that 5 points action plan will have lasting impact with the cuts to service instead of growing the business.


Letter to Minister Lisa Raitt from the UPCE National execuitive

The letter is to bring to the minister’s attention the dissatisfaction with the Leadership decisions making when dealing with communication, direction and growth. The Union is requesting Canada Post  to revise their 5 points action plan to include looking at business opportunities that would create employment and value for Canadians.


Letter to the Ottawa city Mayor - To request the support from the City of Ottawa to help Tupper Tots with subsidies to maintain their low cost daycare 

Letter from Canada Post identifying an typing error in Article 40.01 of the current Collective Agreement

Triennial Convention summary and elections results

Newsletter from The UPCE President to the membership:

The message discusses the Pension Plan options that the Corporation is looking at to reduce their costs. It is also addressing the solvency issues and what are the causes for the deficit and possible solutions.


New UPCE Website!

Announcing the newly redesigned UPCE website


Communiqué from the UPCE National President to the members:

Message explaining the Unions request to OSFI to review the Plan administrator’s role, which lead to the “Framework” in order to improve communications.